Shipping & Returns


Hello everyone, 
Most of orders have shipped by EMS, because EMS is 
cheaper and fast, so we choose EMS as our main shipping method, and our customer like to use it. otherwise, we can delivery  by DHL, Hong kong post, CSS (website:
After your payment, we will give you a tracking number within 24-48 hours, you can use it to track your package online in 24 or 48 hours, because the package we must 
take about 2 days to transport to airport, so usually the shipping status will be showing on tracking website in 2 days, then, it will
 take 4-7 working days to reach you.
You can track the ship status online with your tracking number
 on our tracking website, please click to view.
For example, if you are our customer who come from USA, you 
 can click here to track
If you are in UK, please click here to track

 If you are in Australia, please click here to track 


We appreciate your patience, we also will pay our attention to 

your package until you receive it. Please check your email 

frequently after you placed an order on our site.


Notice:  If you are from one of below country, our website price
 is not suit for you, we need to give you a new price, and new price 
will be including shipping, the reason is your country is at the seventh 
or eighth or nineth or tenth of EMS Zone, these zones charges high EMS shipping rate, we can't afford free shipping or pay the extra shipping 
for you.

Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Laos, Turkey, Nepal, Brazil, Cuba, Guyana, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico
Peru, Panama, Bahamas,Bahrain, Iraq, Uganda, Jordan, Israel, Oman,Qatar, Kuwait, Iran,
Madagascar, Syria, Côte d'Ivoire, Djibouti, Senegal, Kenya, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates,
 Cyprus, Egypt, Cayman Islands , Belarus, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Russia, Latvia, Estonia,Hungary, Poland, Romania, Ukraine.

But Puerto Rico, it can be suit for website price as united states. 


Another thing: Pay for your order by Visa card or master card( we accept master card

 except USA and Canada ), we don't charge you any credit card service fee. More order, more discounts.

If our orders are from Spain,Italy,Ireland,Germany,NETHERLANDS,Denmark and UK, our

customers need to pay extra shipping cost, not only $25.$25 shipping cost is not enough for

DHL.As we ship to these countries by DHL, not EMS now.


Enjoy your shopping and hope you get your order soon!!!
(* Please note that the above information payment! *)
Easy, secure and fast payment of your online purchases You can login in your local bank to send the Money online. If you dont have ABN AMRO Bank Card, you can also send the money by other Bank.
Like ING Bank, Rabo bank.

Our bank account :
Beneficiary institution: Bank of China Putian Branch

Beneficiary name: LIN QING

Ben account number: 405267611129

Ben Telephone:0086-018670274071

Bank Address: Wenxian 933, Chengxiang , Putian City,Fujian? province, China,
post code:351100

1. ING bank

2. ABN bank

3. ( Belgium ) KBC detail info

4. SNS bank

5. RABO bank

Bank transfer is low money transfer fee payment mothod, Please go the bank that nearby your home, and ask the bank for do the payment, after payment please scan the bank transfer receipt as a picture and send email to us. After your payment, money need 3-4 days for arrive to our china bank, our finance will check our bank account every day, if your money arrive, we will tell you and shipping out your shoes at once.

Attentions: After you send the money, Please remember to do 1 important things:
After you send the money,Please Emails us the Money sender details and order number.
* We will check your payment information and send out your packages. *

After the payment, plese tell us your name, amount, currency and country.
Your order will not be shipped until we receive the payment.');


We are a china wholesaler in this line since 2008, we are cooperating with many factories. We guarantee this site is secure.  Below is our payment information,
Payment : Credit card, Western Union, Money Gram and bank transfer accepted! 

Western Union:
Please visit then click "send money online" to send your payment.

First Name: zhiqin
Last Name:
Province: Fujian

If Payment by western union. Please give us the following information:
MTCN numbers:                (10 numbers. MTCN = Money Transfer Control No)
Receiver`s first name:             
Receiver`s last name:             
Sender`s first name:               
Sender`s last name:                
How to pay with Western Union online or at the agent, please check the link below:
Money Gram:
First Name: zhiqin
Last Name: zhou
City: Putian
Province: Fujian
Postcode: 351111
Country: China
How to pay with Money Gram online or at the agent, please check the link below:
If payment by moneygram. Please give us the following information:
Reference numbers:                   ( 8 numbers )
Receiver`s first name:             
Receiver`s last name:             
Sender`s first name:               

T/T (Bank Wire Transfer) :Your money may take 2-3 working days to arrival our account by T/T.
Part refund policy: 
when you put a big order at our website, but one or two of the items are out of stock. 
After we trying to contact you during 3 days or 3 times, in this case, we will refund money for the
out of stock items, all this is for you to receive your order asap.
If you have any question, please feel free to contact us by Email: